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About Us

The Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship is a group of pastors and ministry leaders who fellowship with one another for mutual encouragement and collaborative ministry.

The MI BBF is a state fellowship of a larger international fellowship called the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.

Participation in the BBFI is open to any Baptist pastor of a supporting Baptist church believing in and adhering to the Word of God, based on the BBFI Articles of Faith . For definition in this context, a Baptist church is one that declares in legal and/or faith documents it is Baptist in doctrine and practice. A supporting church is one that financially supports BBFI missions and/or institutions. The institutions of the BBFI include a Mission Office (a missionary support and service center), Baptist Bible Tribune (communications office for the BBFI), APEX (partners with churches to equip leaders to plant and multiply healthy churches), Baptist Bible College (Springfield, MO), and Boston Baptist College (Boston, MA).

An integral part of the health of the BBFI is in the health of the state and regional fellowships. Currently, the MI BBF meets monthly at churches around the state of Michigan. We meet regularly to encourage one another, discuss and promote upcoming events, and give church planters and missionaries an opportunity to present their ministries to pastors. For a current schedule of meeting dates and locations, click here . 


A History of Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship

Constitution & ByLaws of Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship