06 March 2018


Marysville,  MI



John Reilly, State President Fred Smith John Tomberlin

Greg Burdine, State National Director David Chittenden Glenn Tatterson

Richard Smith, Treasurer Bob Miller Charles Smith

Dallas Berry, Secretary​ ​

John Chippewa Russ Dennis

Richard Smith, Treasurer

Church Staff Members Present:

Jared Barringer Bob Hunter

Brad Salee


Missionaries Present:

Irfan Abdullatif


Quorum was established


Meeting called to order by John Reilly

  • Motion by Dave Chittenden

  • Support by Glenn Tatterson

  • Carried



1.  MINUTES of February 13, 2018 presented by Dallas Berry

  • Motion to accept Minutes of February 13, 2018 by Greg Burdine

  • Support by Richard Smith

  • Carried


2.  FINANCIAL REPORT  of February 2018 presented by Richard Smith

  • Was noted that $300.00 was given to Great Lakes Baptist Temple to help with cost of February’s meeting

  • Motion to accept Financial Report by Dave Chittenden

  • Support by Glenn Tatterson

  • Carried


3.  Walt Yeomans sent information about church planting/home mission (MBBF JUDEA PROJECT) application

    as well as information about APEX to be reviewed by offices.  John Reilly stressed the need to be in prayer

    for men to come to Michigan and start churches or revitalize churches that are about to close.

4.  Greg Burdine highlighted discussion points from the BBF winter meeting in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Greg handed

    out notes he took (handouts available from Greg if you did not receive one).








Motion to adjourn – Richard Smith

Support by Greg Burdine




  1. Greg Burdine asked prayer for: a family he is ministering to who had a family member commit suicide; and wisdom as the church selects a youth pastor

  2. John Tomberlin asked prayer for his wife, Katie (sp?), having surgery to remove a tumor, praying it is not malignant and that it will not cause further surgery

  3. Glenn Tatterson asked prayer for his one year old great granddaughter who came down with viral meningitis.  Adeline has lost hearing in one ear and perhaps up to 80% of hearing in the other ear.

  4. Russ Dennis asked for continued prayer on behalf of his wife who will deliver their baby soon

  5. John Chippewa asked prayer for their Tuesday evening recovery group ministry

  6. John Reilly asked prayer for Herb Gilbert’s health


April MBBF meeting will be April 3, at Bible Baptist Church of Chesaning (note date change)


Charles Smith closed in prayer


Respectfully Submitted,



Dallas Berry