15 May 2018
Burton, MI

John Reilly, President
Walt Yeomans, Vice President Herb Gilbert Daryl Franzel
Greg Burdine, State National Director David Chittenden Glenn Tatterson
Richard Smith, Treasurer John Chippewa Dwight Billingsley
Dallas Berry, Secretary
Church Staff Members and Ministry Persons Present:
Brad Salee
Tim Long, Assistant Missions Director BBFI
Leland Kennedy, Impact China
Paul Hopkins, Peru
Quorum was established
Meeting called to order by John Reilly
 Motion by Walt Yeomans
 Support by Dave Chittenden
 Carried
Walt Yeomans opened in prayer
Minutes of 03 April 2018 presented by Dallas Berry
Greg Burdine made the motion to accept the Minutes as presented
Support by Daryl Franzel
Treasurer’s Report presented by Richard Smith
Glenn Tatterson made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented
Support by Walt Yeomans
National Director’s Report by Greg Burdine
 Greg presented us with review notes from the May 2018 BBFI Meeting in Springfield, MO
 Greg updated us on the nominees for National Officers and emphasized the necessity to vote by
contacting the Tribune office or the Mission Office or the website
 Recommended by State Officers to give Boston BBC and Springfield BBC a financial gift from MBBF
Dave Chittendon made the motion to give Boston BBC and Springfield BBC each $1,000.00
Support by Walt Yeomans
Missionaries present gave an update on their current status
 Paul Hopkins has a target date of January 2019 to be in Peru
 Dwight Billingsley shared about the completion of the remodeling of The American Arab Friendship
Center and it’s on-going outreach to the many Arabic speaking people in the area

A. Daryl Franzel shared about the conference Capitol City Baptist Church is hosting July 20-21 and
encouraged as many as are able to come. This conference is a “wake-up” call or “call-to-action” of
conservative values held by bible believing Christians. Many honored guests will be speaking at this
B. Tim Long shared about the need of the MBBF to help struggling churches in Michigan
 Guiding Light Baptist Church in Saginaw
 True Church House of Prayer To All Nations in Pontiac
C. John Reilly reminded all that this is our last meeting until September. Churches are needed to host fall
fellowship meetings
D. Glenn Tatterson thanked everyone for coming and asked prayer as Flint Baptist Temple is searching for
a Youth Pastor
E. Greg Burdine reminded us to be in prayer as they search for an Associate Pastor
Prayer Requests:
1. Bob Nolan and his wife regarding surgery they are both facing
2. Greg Burdine asked prayer for the Ross Family in his church who have lost loved ones do to suicide and
cancer within a very short period of time
3. Tim Long on-going health issues
4. BBFI election of officers
Brad Salee closed in prayer
Respectfully Submitted,
Dallas G. Berry