Meeting minutes from Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting on 10-18- 16

At Beacon Baptist Church, Taylor, MI

Pastors in attendance Dallas Berry, Dwight Billingsley, Greg Burdine, David Chittenden, Herb

Gilbert, Daryl Franzel, John Reilly, Richard Smith, Glenn Tatterson, and Jon Wilkes.

Greg Burdine, state chairman, called the meeting to order.

Opening Prayer: John Reilly

Establish Quorum: Motion made to call John Allen who couldn’t physically attend due to recent

stroke in order to have 10 voting pastors by Dwight Billingsly, second by John Reilly, all agreed,

motion carries.

Previous Meeting Minutes: Motion to accept by Richard Smith, second by David Chittenden, all

agreed, motion carried.

Treasurers Report: Presented by Richard Smith. Motion to accept by Daryl Franzel, Second by

Dallas Berry, all agreed, motion carried.

State Rep. Report: Glenn Tatterson – National Fellowship was great, changes were proposed to the

BBFI constitution to be voted on at the next National meeting.

Missions Report: The following missionaries were present and shared briefly of their ministries:

Jeremy Eulberg to Bolivia

Nate Berry to Poland

Michael Cox to Mexico

Dwight Billingsly to Arabic speaking people

Randy Harp shared changes coming to the Tribune and to the communications department.

Upcoming National meetings:

February 20-22, Tyler Texas

May 8-11, BBC Springfield

September 18-20 Owasso, OK

Old Business:

Michigan Nominations

Constitutional Changes

New Business:

Ballot vote taken for Nominations:

Chairman: John Reilly

Vice-Chairman: Walt Yeomans

Secretary: Dallas Berry

Treasurer: Richard Smith

State Representative: Greg Burdine

Motion to accept nominations and constitutional changes as outlined in previous meeting minutes by

John Allen, second by Daryl Franzel, Unanimous approval, motion carried.

Next Meeting: November 15, Capitol City Baptist Church, Holt

Prayer requests: John Allen recovering from a stroke.

Closing Prayer: Daryl Franzel

Respectfully Submitted, Jon Wilkes