Meeting minutes from Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting on 9-8-15

At Faith Baptist Church in Adrian, MI

Pastors in attendance Blaine Anderson, Dwight Billingsley, Greg Burdine, David Chittenden, Herb

Gilbert, Jason Reaves John Reilly, Anthony Rudolph, Fred Smith, Richard Smith, Glenn Tatterson, Jon Wilkes, Tim Whyte, and

Walt Yeomans.

Greg Burdine, state chairman, called the meeting to order.

Opening Prayer: Blaine Anderson

Previous Meeting Minutes: Motion to accept by Glenn Tatterson, second by David Chittenden, all

agreed, motion carried.

Treasurers Report: Presented by Richard Smith. Motion to accept by Walt Yeomans, Second by

Jason Reeves, all agreed, motion carried.

State Rep. Report: Glenn Tatterson – National Fellowship meeting next week at High Street Baptist

Church, Wednesday speaker will be Jerel Bland from Hope Church in Detroit. The board of directors

have chosen the next editor for the Tribune, Randy Harp and will be confirmed at the meeting.

Missions Report: Walt Yoemans shared they will be having their first revival services I October and

they are also in need of someone to work with the youth.

Dwight Billingsly shared they recently had 3 conversions, all from Suadi Arabia. The

recently had Launch and lunch, a training session for volunteers in which they had 30 in attendance.

They are still in need of volunteer teachers.

Old Business:

New Business: Daryl Franzel shared info about upcoming Church Growth conference to be held at

Capital City. Next Fellowship meeting will be at Capital City in conjunction with conference.

Next Meeting: October 13, Beacon Baptist Church, Taylor .

Prayer requests: Gerald Manchester – upcoming surgery

Barry Jones – caring for his wife

Timothy Whyte – caring for his wife

Youth leader needed for Chesaning

Closing Prayer: Jon WIlkes

Respectfully Submitted, Jon Wilkes