Meeting minutes from Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting on 12-2-14

At Bethel Baptist Church, Livonia, MI

Pastors in attendance Dwight Billingsley, Greg Burdine, Dallas Berry, David Chittenden, Daryl

Franzel, Herbert Gilbert, Rob Laing, Richard Smith, Glenn Tatterson, Jon Wilkes, Walt Yeomons.

Greg Burdine, state chairman, called the meeting to order.

Opening Prayer: Daryl Franzel

Meeting minutes Motion made to accept the minutes by Glen Tatterson, Second by Daryl Franzel.

All agreed, motion carried.

Treasurers Report: Presented by Walt Yeaoman’s. Motion made to accept the treasurers report by

Rob Laing, Second by David Chittenden. All agreed, motion carried

State Rep. Report: Glenn Tatterson – Tribune offering is coming up at the beginning of the year,

Glen will be contacting churches individually. BBC Springfield will be offering a leadership course by

Elmer Towns in January as a module, can be audited for free or taken for credit.

Missions Report:

Walt Yeomans shared 44 in attendance on Sunday, they had their first baby dedication last Sunday.

Dwight Billingsly shared they had 55 Adults and 4o children for a Thanksgiving meal at the Arabic

Center. The meaning of Thanksgiving and the Gospel was presented. They are still in need of

$5,000 to finish the improvements to the new class room space.

Old Business:

New Business:

David Chittenden made a motion from the Judea committee to give $1,000 to Jerel Bland for Hope

church plant in Detroit. Second by Glenn Tatterson, all in favor, motion carried.

Judea Committee recommended to all the pastors to take on Dwight Billingsley of Arabic Christian

ministries. If 6 churches would take him on for support for $50 a month that is more than the Judea

Committee was supporting.

Next Meeting: Next meeting – Dinner at Zehnder’s on Jan 12

Motion to adjourn:

Closing Prayer: Jon Wilkes

Respectfully Submitted, Jon Wilkes