Meeting minutes from Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting on 11-11-14

At First Baptist Church, Marysville, MI

Pastors in attendance Jonathan Allen, Blain Anderson, Dallas Berry, Dwight Billingsley, Greg

Burdine, David Chittenden, Herb Gilbert, Rob Laing, Gerald Manchester, John Reilly, Richard Smith,

Glenn Tatterson, Jon Wilkes, Walt Yeomans

Greg Burdine, state chairman, called the meeting to order.

Opening Prayer: John Allen

Meeting minutes were presented from October meeting. Correction – Robert Laing was omitted from

list of Pastors present. Motion made to accept the minutes with correction by Walt Yeomans,

Second by Rob Laing. All agreed, motion carried.

Treasurers Report: Presented by Walt Yeaoman – Motion made to accept the treasurers report by

Glenn Taterson, Second by Richard Smith. All agreed, motion carried

State Rep. Report: Glenn Tatterson – BBC Springfield not only was successful in the $600k

matching funds drive but also secured another $75k from another matching fund source. Enrolment

is up this year as well for the second straight year.

Missions Report:

Walt Yeomans shared attendance has been up for the fall. Running in the 40’s and 50’s

Dwight Billingsly – Sending out mailing, would like help this Saturday stuffing envelopes. For $18,000

they can add another room that will house 30 more students in the morning and evening sessions.

John Reilly gave positive feedback from the perspective of the board.

Gerald Manchester – While currently working with Dallas Berry, continues to speak at the rescue

mission, senior center, and pregnancy center. God has blessed over the last months with 20

decisions for Christ.

Old Business:

New Business: Traditionally there has been no meeting in January, this year we will meet on

Monday, January 12 for dinner at Zehenders, men are encouraged to bring their wives. Dutch treat.

Next Meeting: December 2, Bethel Baptist Church in Livonia

Motion to adjourn:

Closing Prayer: Blain Anderson

Respectfully Submitted, Jon Wilkes