Meeting minutes from Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting on 3-11-14

At First Baptist Northville, MI

Pastors in attendance Jonathan Allen, Blaine Anderson, Dallas Berry, Dwight Billingsley, Greg Burdine, David Chittenden, Herbert Gilbert, Gerald Manchester, Jason Reaves, John Reilly, Glenn Tatterson,  Jon Wilkes, Walt Yeomans


Greg Burdine, state chairman, called the meeting to order.

Opening Prayer: Herb Gilbert

Motion to accept the minutes from last meeting with one correction, Kenneth Gilming passed not Keith: Glen Tatterson, second by Jonathan Allen, all agreed, motion carried

Treasurers Report: Presented by Walt Yeomans. Walt also shared he working with Glen Tatterson to make reports available electronically. Motion made to accept the treasurers report by David Chitienden, Second by Glenn Tatterson. All agreed, motion carried

State Rep. Report: Glenn Tatterson – Attended the National meeting in Autsin. Glen shared it was one of the best meetings as far as content and preaching.  Little business was conducted, but the State of Michigan met their goal for the Tribune offering this year.  Nominations are still open for national officers, the ballot will be presented in May at Fellowship Week with the voting to take place at Beacon in the National meeting in September.

Missions Report: Gerald Manchester gave a report of new ministry opportunities in Port Huron. They have begun services in a soup kitchen, a pregnancy center, and at a rescue mission.

Dwight Billingsley shared an Arabic Pastor from St. Louis whom Dwight has mentored is coming to work with the Billinsley’s in Dearborn.

Walt Yeomans shared they are averaging 37 in attendance.  Two of coaches that Walt led to the Lord are attending and growing in their faith.

Boston Baptist Bible College: John Reilly: Things going well for the school year, getting ready for graduation. Please consider praying for Boston and consider adding them to your missions ministry for support.

New Business: David Chittenden made a motion to send Mike Brinson of Lifepoint Baptist Church in Centerton AR. $1000 from the general fund to help with the purchase of a new piece of property. Second by Jason Reaves. All agreed.

Jerry Brake, a member from Beacon Baptist shared his new ministry of evangelism through music and preaching.  He is available from music specials, pulpit supply, or special meetings.

Next Meeting: April meeting has yet to be determined with a possibility of an Evening meeting for Pastors and wives at a restaurant.

Prayer request:

Bath Baptist Church looking for a Pastor

John Allen’s sister recovering from Moya Moya and stroke, starting to walk, still struggling with speech.

Dale Lewis home sick

Shannon Waltrip member of Fred Smith’s church

Mike Wenzel was is a car accident

Walt Yeoman asking for prayer for upcoming meeting with Steve Harney – April 10-13

Motion to adjourn: John Allen, second Blane Anderson

Closing Prayer: John Reilly


Respectfully Submitted,  Jon  Wilkes