Meeting Minutes from Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting on 2-11-14

At Christian Arabic Ministries, Clinton Township, Michigan

Pastors in attendance: Jonathan Allen, Jared Andrews, Dwight Billinglsey, Greg Burdine, David Chittenden, Alton Cooper, Herbert Gilbert, Rob Laing, Dale Lewis, Gerald Manchester, Jason Reaves, John Reilly, Fred Smith, Glenn Tatterson, Jon Wilkes, Walt Yeomans.

Greg Burdine, state chairman, called the meeting to order.

Opening prayer: Fred Smith

Motion to accept the minutes from last 2 meetings: Dave Chittendon, Second by John Allen. All agreed.

Treasurer’s Report from December and January and the year end report for 2013: presented by Walt Yeomans. No

motion was made at this time to accept due to needed of revision.

State Rep. Report: Glenn Tatterson shared about the Matching gift December offering. More than $650,000 was

collected from over 800 churches in the fellowship. As a results BBC Springfield received over $1.2 million in much

needed funds. The National Meeting is in Austin, Texas in February. At this meeting nominations for National

officers will be accepted. John Reilly respectfully declined the nomination process. The tribune offering is now

being sought, the state of Michigan has a goal of $10,000. Anyone interested in taking part please talk to Glenn.

Missions Report: Gerald Manchester shared of his illness, 7 days in ICU, heart stopped 2 times, yet God brought

him through it. It did have a negative effect on attendance while he was in the hospital, but he is feeling better now.

Old Business: We received the official letter from Chase Bank that our loan with them for Camp Chuatauqua is paid

in full.

New Business: A sub-committee is being sought to review and recommend constitution update to reflect the

ownership change in Camp Chautauqua. John Allen agreed to head up the committee, with the hopes that the rest

of the camp committee will join him.

A motion was made by Gerald Manchester, and second by Dale Lewis for the fellowship to be open to helping with

compensation for speakers for the Michigan fellowship meetings. The request would be made by the host

pastor to the State chairman who would then consult with the rest of the state officers. Vote passed all in

favor. None opposed.

National fellowship meeting for September 22-24 will be held at Beacon Baptist Church in Taylor.

Motion made by Gerald Manchester and second by Dave Chittenden to pay for the lunch for the ladies who would like to attend the Arab American Friendship Center in Dearborn during the National Fellowship Meeting in September.  The trip will consist of a tour then lunch at a local Arab restaurant.  Beacon Baptist has graciously agreed to provide the transportation for this event to be held on one morning of the National Meeting.  Vote passed all in favor, none apposed.

John Reilly Trustee for Boston Baptist Bible College gave up date:  School is holding steady at around 100 students.  It continues to operate in the black which is an answer to prayer and a credit to the administration.  Continue to pray for the college, and they would appreciate your financial support.

Upcoming meetings: March – First Baptist Northville

Prayer request: Clayton Beck – Starting a church in Hemlock, MI

John Allen’s sister Beth Ann Stewart contracted moi moi, after surgery to correct the problem she had a stroke, paralyzed on one side of her body, can’t swallow or talk.

Keith Gilming’s family in his passing

Sharon Forgie – cancer

Linda Zisk – cancer

Walt Yeomans and the sale of his house

Joey Henry looking for a bigger building for church plant.

Closing Prayer: Jon Wilkes

Respectfully submitted by Jon Wilkes