Meeting Minutes from Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting on 8-13-13

At Hale Baptist Church, Hale, Michigan

Pastors in attendance: John Allen, Blaine Anderson, Greg Burdine, David Chittenden, Daryl Franzel, Gerald Manchester,

Gary Shooltz, Richard Smith, Glenn Tatterson, Walt Yeomans

Greg Burdine, state chairman, called the meeting to order.

Opening prayer: Daryl Franzel

Motion to accept the minutes from last meeting: Walt Yeomans, Second by Gerald Manchester. All agreed.

Treasurer’s Report from April and May: presented by Walt Yeomans. Motion to accept by Glenn Tatterson, second by

Daryl Franzel. All agreed.

State Rep. Report: Glenn Tatterson emphasized that he is our representative and mentioned upcoming national

meetings: September 2013 meeting in Ventura CA, February 2014 in Austin Texas and September 2014 at Beacon

Baptist in Taylor Michigan.

Missions Report: Gerald Manchester gave a report from Port Huron. Averaging 14 in service and 25 in Bible Study. Also

Shawn Adkins will be coming to help a few days a week. Needs permanent building, hopefully within 60 days.

Camp Chautauqua: Sale still not finalized. Camp Chautauqua INC has verbal approval for financing. Hopeful to close this

week. Motion for Corporate Resolution to authorize Chairman Greg Burdine to sign for sale of the camp made by John

Allen. Second by Walt Yomens. All agreed. Walt Yomens spoke to the great weeks of camp held this summer.

New Business: 3 Motions from Judea Fund (by Vice Chairmen David Chittenden)

1. Extend support for Gerald Manchester @ $250. for 12 months. Second by Walt Yeomans. All agreed.

2. Extend support for Arabic Ministries (Dwight Billingsley) @ $250. for 12 months. Second by Daryl Franzel. All

3. One time support for Walt Yeomans @ $500. Second by Daryl Franzel. All agreed. Future support will be

considered at next meeting.

Upcoming meetings: October – Taylor, MI, December – Lansing, MI.

Prayer request: Jerry Harmeyer, Gary Shooltz in Saginaw, Glenda Gilbert, Walt Yomens.

Closing Prayer: Blaine Anderson

Respectfully submitted by David Chittenden (for Jon Wilkes)