Meeting Minutes from Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting on 6-11-13

At Flint Baptist Temple, Burton, Michigan


Pastors in attendance: Blaine Anderson, Ken Burdett, Greg Burdine, Dwight Billingsley, David Chittenden, Mark Conn, Herbert Gilbert, Gerald Manchester, Jason Reaves,  John Reilly, Richard Smith, Glenn Tatterson, Walt Yeomans

Greg Burdine, state chairman, called the meeting to order.

Opening prayer: Richard Smith

Motion to accept the minutes from last meeting: Richard Smith, Second by Walt Yeomans. All agreed.

Treasurer’s Report from April and May: presented by Walt Yeomans. Requested that designations be marked clearly on money sent for timely and correct distribution. Motion to accept by Glenn Tatterson, second by Gerald Manchester. All agreed.

State Rep. Report: Glenn Tatterson gave positive report on May meeting at BBC. Upcoming national meetings: September 2013 meeting in Ventura CA, February 2014 in Austin Texas and September 2014 at Beacon Baptist in Taylor Michigan.

Missions Report: Gerald Manchester gave a report from Port Huron. April average 18, May average 17 and had 3 saved. Bible study twice a month. Needs permanent building. Pray for couple to come and help.

Dwight Billingsley gave report on two facilities. Clinton Township chapel and walls are up after $20,000 raised along with drop ceiling completed. Dearborn facility “Arab America Friendship Center” had 90 students in September (45 from Yemen, 40 from South Lebanon with others from Iraq). Wife holding monthly ladies meeting and there is no festival this year.

Walt Yeomans reported that 2 couples were led to the Lord in last 5 weeks. Had a high of 94 on special Friday service. Pray for Millington church with no pastor, Part time work to help expenses and for house in Ohio to sell soon.

Kenny Gillming reported that Boston Baptist College is doing better is has received great evaluations just recently. He encouraged pastors to send students to consider Boston and to consider helping financially.

Camp Chautauqua: Sale not finalized yet. Foundation is seeking financing. FEMA insurance is still a problem they are working on. Hope to close in September. Camp Chautauqua INC has taken over daily operations.

Upcoming meetings: August – Hale MI, October – Taylor, MI, December – Lansing, MI.

Prayer request: Walt Yeomans ask prayer for 5 teens going to camp and Ohio home sale, Blaine Anderson’s upcoming knee surgery, Jerrod Kirk’s new church in Boston.

Closing Prayer: Herb Gilbert


Respectfully submitted by David Chittenden (for Jon Wilkes)