Meeting minutes from Michigan Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting on 2-12-13

At Arabic Christian Ministries, Clinton TWP

Pastors in attendance: Jonathan Allen, Ken Burdett, Greg Burdine, David Chittenden, Daryl Franzel , Herbert Gilbert, Gerald Manchester, John Reilly, Fred Smith, Richard Smith, Glenn Tatterson, Jon Wilkes, Walt Yeomans

Greg Burdine, state chairman, called the meeting to order.

Opening Prayer: Dave Chittenden

Treasurers Report: Glen Tatterson presented the outgoing treasurers report. Motion made to accept the treasurers report by Daryl Franzel. Second by Walt Yeomans. All agreed, motion carried

State Rep. Report: Glenn Tatterson – Tribune offering is seeking commitments from churches this year.  The goal for the Michigan churches is $10,450.00

Missions Report: Gerald Manchester gave a report on the recently started church in Port Huron.. December – church attendance average – 8  Bible study – 25. January – church attendance average – 9  Bible study – 28. Seeking prayer for another couple to join them to help with the work. Seeking support from churches for monthly support.

Checkbook Signers: Motion made to have outgoing treasurer Glenn Tatterson and incoming Treasurer Walt Yeoman both as signatures on the MBBF checking account by Jon Allen. Second by Dave Chittenden. All Agreed, motion carried

Camp Chautauqua proposal: Current loan with Chase bank is up for renewal in March for $920,000.  Due to the current market conditions the bank has indicated that in order to renew the loan we as owners would have to be substantially more committed to the financial process.  Pastors and/or churches would have to become guarantors for the loan.  Since no one is willing to do this the camp committee has made a recommendation to the fellowship.  The recommendation is to sell Camp Chautauqua to the Chautauqua foundation for $50,000 in addition to the $920,000 that is owed.  The official offer is filed with the minutes. This motion will give the current board the authority to execute the sale of the camp.  Questions: Will we relinquish all responsibility at the sale? The answer is yes. After the sale will we have any liability? Our understanding is no.  What are the legal fees and closing costs and who is responsible?  Jason Harmeyer indicated that all legal fees for drawing up the contract will be absorbed by the Chautauqua Foundation.  The closing costs will be split between the MBBF and the Foundation.  Vote was taken and passed to sell the camp.

Next Meeting: April 9 – Meeting at Bethel Baptist in Livonia.  March 12 – Lunch in Grand Rapids with pastors

Prayer request: (1) Walt Yeomans asked for prayer for church growth and financial stability; (2) Blaine Anderson’s mother is failing, lost his sister last year; (3) Dave Chittenden shared a praise, his wife is finished with chemo, doctors feel confident the cancer is gone.

Closing Prayer: John Reilly


Respectfully Submitted,  Jon  Wilkes


Link to ‘The Chautauqua Foundation to purchase Camp Chautauqua